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We all know that we live in dangerous times. When seconds matter, help may very well be minutes away. Violence, threats of violence, and chaos are occurring with greater frequency and brutality.

If you are responsible for the security of your courthouse, schools, and other facilities, you know some operations involve a greater degree of risk than others. Angry andJudge's Door disgruntled citizens, employees, or customers may either "snap" or plan attacks. Either way, many acts of violence are attempted on officials, clerks, judges, and other citizens. Worse still, schools, courthouses, and county government buildings have become symbolic targets of both foreign and domestic attacks. As much as we try government buildings like schools, courthouses, annexes, Justice of the Peace courts, and even the county jail remain difficult to harden.

Now with Alert! you can give your county personnel a fighting chance Courthouseto summon help when they need it. With historical buildings being harder and harder to get updated, Alert! will install on any computer and give easy and effective access to call for assistance by simply pressing 3 keys for 1.5 seconds. It is just that easy! And you can have the notice go to as many or few other computers as your Reaction Plan requires. Cameras can't compare with the immediacy of an alert to every computer screen in the complex or across the system.

  • Simple 3-key activation. (Left-Arrow, Right-Arrow, Down-Arrow for 1.5 seconds!)
  • Custom messages and responses to meet your needs.
  • Initial installation on client Windows workstations takes 15 seconds.
  • No additional wiring for workstations (uses existing network).
  • Fully customizable for who and what gets sent to other workstations.
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! No expensive monthly battery changes. No dead batteries when you need it most.
  • Simple training for users ("Press and hold these three keys for 2 seconds"). Boom! Done!
  • Command staff interface to see who is logged in, the last response from them. Testing mode to send test alerts.
  • Use "technology funds" instead of "security funds".

Alert Operator Console

Allows dispatchers or other monitors to see a live representation of status.

  • In or Out status for all users
  • Defined locations for users
  • Last Alert that was received by each user
  • Time of Alert Acknowledgement
  • Quick access to defined phone number
  • Displays "Last Alert" allowing it to be resent to selected group(s)
  • Up to three (3) Pre-defined broadcast messages.
  • Free-form message for transmission to selected group(s)
  • Allows text messages to defined phone numbers as an option


Call 1-800-LAN-ACES (800-526-2237) and find out just how easy it is to provide the safety and peace of mind your county employees want and need. FREE TRIALS available.



Please call to see how economically you can increase the ability to request assistance for any of your employees and staff!



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