Migrating Office-Logic to a New File Server

1. Identify file locations
Files are usually kept in the C:\LOGIC directory on the server. Ensure the files are current by checking the file dates for recent files. Some installations also have the mail kept in a separate C:\MHS folder.  It will need to be copied if there are recent files in it.
(optional) If using Office-Logic InterChange, locate the INTER directory and make sure it has recent files.
2. (recommended) Live file copy of LOGIC, MHS, INTER folders to the new server
If you would like to minimize down time and copy the bulk of the data while the system is "live", you simply run ROBOCOPY to "mirror" the directories to the new server with the "/MIR" option. For example ROBOCOPY C:\LOGIC X:\LOGIC /MIR /R:1 /W:1
ROBOCOPY is available on newer versions of Windows, and in the Windows Server Resource kit, or can be downloaded from http://www.OfficeLogic.com/download/robocopy.zip
3. Have all users exit Office-Logic
4. Right-click Office-Logic Host Monitor, select "Run as Administrator", select File-Options-Startup. Un-check the checkbox "Run as service". This will shut down the Office-Logic Host service.
5. (if using Office-Logic InterChange) Right-click Office-Logic InterChange Monitor, select "Run as Administrator", select Configure-Options-Startup. Un-check the checkbox "Run as service". This will shut down the Office-Logic InterChange service
6. Copy LOGIC, MHS, INTER folders to the new server. If you have already performed a "live" file copy as outlined in step 2, Use ROBOCOPY again one last time to make sure all files on destination machine are up to date.
7. (optional) Rename LOGIC directory on old server to make sure nothing uses that installation again
8. Remove read/only attribute from OL.INI in new location
9. Edit OL.INI file in new location
 - remove or comment "ClientMode" setting
 - change BaseUser and BaseMail settings to new directory (local drive
 - check for any references to other network paths
 - set SmtpHost if InterChange to be moved to this machine
10. Run OLWORK on new server
 - specify "Connect to file server"
 - specify new global Office-Logic directory
11. Run Office-Logic on new server, login as GLOBAL
 - verify directories in Help/About
 - if necessary, use Search/Replace to change all paths to new location
   (un-check "move files")
 - make sure all users have valid mail directories specified
12. Download and install latest Office-Logic to new server

13. Run Office-Logic Host 64 Monitor or Office-Logic Host Monitor (by right-click and select Run as Administrator)
 - from File-Options, verify global and master dirs
 - (optional) set up SSL certificate
 - from File-Options-Startup, if "Run as service" is checked, un-check the box, hit OK
 - from File-Options-Startup, checkmark the "Run as service", hit OK
14. (optional) Open port 2661 on network firewall
If migrating to Client/server
 - Remove read/only attribute from OL.INI in OLD location
 - Edit OL.INI file in OLD location, add "ClientMode=1"
   under [Logic] section
If not Client/server and server name changed
 - Run OLWORK to re-install Office-Logic at the workstations
   - verify directories in Help/About
   - alternatively, instead of running OLWORK you can edit the shortcuts
     that start Office-Logic at the workstation and change the server name
   - the remaining workstations can be done after these instructions
     are done
Moving Office-Logic InterChange
Download and update Office-Logic InterChange
 - at the end of the installation, do NOT start InterChange (important)
Run "Office-Logic InterChange Monitor" (by right-click and select Run as
 - set Global and Master directories
Start InterChange service
 - select Configure-Options-Startup, uncheck the "Run as service"
   box, hit OK, then go back in and re-check the checkbox.
If InterChange
 - open port 25 (and others such as 80) on firewalls
Test outgoing/incoming e-mail by sending message to testmail@lan-aces.com

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