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Do You Need...

 SPAM Filtering?

Block 100% of automated SPAM

 Virus Scanning? Protect your network and users from e-mail virus attacks

Archiving for Inbound & Outbound messages?

Corporate or Regulatory requirements for Archiving e-mail messages

Secure e-mail connections between customers and clients? Have secure encrypted internet connections while sending and receiving e-mail, or for remote access to e-mail and other data
A solution for MS Exchange that won't "break the bank"? Blocking SPAM, scanning for virus infected e-mail BEFORE it reaches your Exchange server, archiving all inbound and outbound messages, and easy addition of "temporary" accounts allowing customer communication of sensitive information with you being in full control.


Then you need Office-Logic InterChange


Pioneers in Groupware Solutions

LAN-ACES defines groupware as "software that provides a collaborative workspace that facilitates working as a group by providing all users with the same view of data". Since its introduction in 1984, Office-Logic Groupware has been among the most highly rated workgroup solutions available.


LAN-ACES delivers a feature-rich and fully integrated messaging infrastructure with groupware applications that enable workgroup and enterprise-wide communication, collaboration and coordination services.


Office-Logic Groupware's integrated E-mail, Phone Messaging, Personal & Group Calendar/Scheduling, Shared Databases, Discussion Forums, and Task Management solutions will increase the effectiveness and lower the cost of your corporate business processes. When you are ready to take that next step, consider the features and benefits of the LAN-ACES family of products for private and public networks.


Safer Solutions

LAN-ACES products protect your users, workstations and servers from malicious Virus and SPAM attacks. SPAM or Virus infected messages are identified and managed before they reach your users Inbox, reducing the risks of infecting your environment.  Our Challenge/Response technology will eliminate 100 percent of automated Junk Mail from cluttering your users mailboxes.


Increase your security by blocking specific file attachments at the e-mail server level, while Office-Logic Groupware v8.x protects your users with Safer Viewing.  Images in E-mail messages are suppressed before viewing. Many images include e-mail address verification back to the SPAMMERS. Simply click a button to view images in messages.  With Office-Logic (Groupware, I-Net, InterChange - web interface), inbound Rich-Text (HTML) e-mails are SCANNED and SANITIZED from malicious code that can send identification information back to the SPAMMERS, execute programs when messages are displayed, download and install spyware, etc.


Office-Logic Groupware Client Server Edition allows you to have more control over your file access security, while optimizing performance with minimal system requirements.  The Client Server Edition allows you to store your users Office-Logic Groupware e-mail and data files onto a workstation or server that is isolated from your other network devices.  Your users do not need any network rights or file access privileges to the workstation or server storing the Office-Logic Groupware e-mail and data files.  The Office-Logic Groupware client can then establish a direct connection to the isolated workstation or server where file access security and controls are regulated by the Client Server Edition. With the Client Server Edition controlling file access directly, instead of using Windows file access calls, you can expect increased performance within Office-Logic Groupware while simplifying and maintaining higher levels of file security.


Mobile Access

LAN-ACES offers a complete line of WEB and WAP based remote access solutions for e-mail and scheduling.  Remote access has never been easier with options available for multiple environments.  Whether you have Office-Logic, POP3, IMAP4, Infinite InterChange, Exchange, Notes, or another system based on internet standards, LAN-ACES has the remote access solution that will best fit your needs.



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* Important Information for *

iPhone - iPad - iTouch

Running with iOS 6 or iOS 7


You MUST upgrade to

Office-Logic InterChange v5.17 or later


And if you are also an

Office-Logic Groupware customer, then you MUST also upgrade to

Office-Logic Groupware v10.10 or later



Having access to your Office-Logic E-mail, Calendars, Contacts and To-Do lists on your PDA device has never been easier.


Office-Logic InterChange, with advanced synchronization technology, and SyncML Sync Service now make it easy for




Palm (with Web OS)

users to have their Office-Logic data with them at all times.

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Office-Logic InterChange 

now integrated with 

MicroSoft Exchange Server


Now even Exchange/Outlook users can be more protected from Spam, Virus, and other e-mail borne threats.


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Important Notices

Office-Logic Groupware

Now Has A

Client Server Edition



Office-Logic Groupware now has a Client Server Edition that can simplify and enhance security, performance, and remote access needs. 


Along with all the features found in Office-Logic Groupware, the Client Server Edition has several new enhancements and advantages that are essential to many of our customers.


Visit the Client Server Edition product page for more details.


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Important Notices

Friends don't let friends use Exchange... or Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Could Allow Remote Code Execution (959239) (Microsoft bulletin Published: February 10, 2009) [items in red by LAN-ACES]

This security update resolves two privately reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server. The first vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a specially crafted TNEF [only used by proprietary Outlook client mode i.e., Office-Logic is not affected] message is sent to a Microsoft Exchange Server. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of the affected system [!?!?] with Exchange Server service account privileges. The second vulnerability could allow denial of service if a specially crafted MAPI command is sent to a Microsoft Exchange Server [Office-Logic InterChange is not affected however due to the attack vector it can't protect Exchange from this particular exploit.] An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could cause the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service and other services that use the EMSMDB32 provider to stop responding. [and the list goes on... Contact LAN-ACES Sales for a safer server solution.]

Iphone and Blackberry Support

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